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VIDEO: New Rumble Strips Coming to Wyndham


The Victorian Government is investing $7 million to make high speed roads around Melbourne safer, by installing rumble strips on around 400km, to warn drivers who may unintentionally drift from their lanes. 

The rumble strips will be installed in Wyndham and across outer metropolitan Melbourne and to minimise disruption, there will also be nightworks.

Normal works will take place  Sunday to Thursday from 8.00pm until 5.00am. During this time roads will remain open with motorists able to go around the vehicles installing the rumble strips. 

Over the coming month, crews will be working on the below Wyndham roads:

  • Ballan Road, Werribee and Wyndham Vale between Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road and the outskirts of Wyndham Vale.
  • Hopkins Road, Truganina between the Western Freeway and Boundary Road.

To ensure successful installation of the rumble strips, work needs to take place in dry conditions and will be halted during wet weather.  

During the installation process, there can be the smell of glue, this will evaporate as the rumble strips dry. 

All rumble strips are expected to have been installed around Melbourne by August 2021.

About the Project

Drivers can unintentionally leave their lane for a range of reasons including drowsiness, a lapse in attention or distraction.

This is a serious safety issue – around one in three people who are seriously injured on Victorian roads have been involved in a crash caused by vehicles leaving their lane.

There’s good evidence to that rumble strips work – in NSW, rumble strips have contributed to halving the number of vehicles accidentally travelling out of their lane and running off the road.

Rumble strips are small raised strips laid along the edge or centre of the road that will alert drivers with the noise and vibrations they cause. That way, we can prevent potentially fatal head-on or run-off-road collisions. Rumble strips make the road safer and safer roads save lives.