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VIDEO: Point Cook Man ‘Rudely and Abruptly’ Refused Entry with no Mask.

Anti Masker

A Point Cook man recently attempted to pay a bill at a local business on Old Geelong Road without wearing a mask. 

The man went live on Facebook on the 23rd of July to voice his concerns about the interaction.

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He claims he was “rudely and abruptly”  refused entry for not wearing a mask, which is a condition of entry at the business to which the man replied “You’re under denial of a fundamental human right under your own U.N Charter” 

He went on to say that “if they are not going to let you access their stores, basically don’t pay them”.

He claims that the government is only pushing an agenda and that we are four months into a ‘scandemic’. All of his  content is available in the public arena.

One live video showed him in the Point Cook Town Centre where he stumbled across another person with a party mask on.

He went on to say that Australian’s freedoms are being stripped away. 

The man claims that the population is being ‘muzzled’ and is in absolute denial of what is actually going on. 

Members of the public are concerned about the amount of people not following the current government directives so Wyndham TV approached the man for an interview which was denied.

VIDEO: The mans explanation of the incident