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VIDEO: Police Remain Tight-Lipped on Explosives Incident.

Bomb Scare Mendem 2

Police closed Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing, at Dunlop Road and Richards Road, yesterday due to an alleged IED (improvised explosive device) left in a vehicle.

It is believed that the stolen vehicle, taken to the tow yard previously, had potentially explosive devices still present inside the vehicle.

The emergency services presence grew quickly as more police and SES crews arrived at the incident which locked the area down for over seven hours.

All businesses in the immediate vicinity were evacuated.

The Bomb Response Unit attended the incident utilising a bomb defusing robot and around 80 sand bags were supplied by the SES to surround the suspected IED.

It is unclear how the alleged stolen vehicle arrived at the tow yard with a suspected IED after police had intercepted the stolen vehicle before it was given to the company to tow to its facility.

Police have not provided any information regarding the suspected IED, how it was possible to be in the stolen vehicle or what the final result of the incident was, other than the area is now deemed safe.