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VIDEO: Rampage on Suburban Street

Stills Onegar Street feat.

Police were called to an incident that occurred in Tarneit this evening (19th August) at around 5.30pm.

Local residents say a fight first broke out on Centurion Avenue which ended up with a man driving a dark grey Nissan Patrol into the back of a silver Toyota Yaris smashing the back end of the vehicle.

The driver of the Nissan Patrol then drove up on the nature strip knocking out a tree and then turning the corner onto Onegar Street hitting the fence on the corner.

A resident started filming the incident after hearing the large crashing sound at their fence.

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The driver of a dark grey Nissan Patrol was seen reversing up Onegar Street and then speeding toward another man further down the street.

Another fight started in the street after the driver’s vehicle hit two other cars and became stuck. The driver attempted to continue driving the vehicle but was unable to move.

The men were heard yelling and screaming at each other and the police were called.

Four vehicles were damaged in the incident and a police spokesperson said that there were no serious injuries.

Witnesses in the street say that it was lucky no-one was hurt as many people including children are usually going on their nightly walk at that time.