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VIDEO:Youth Justice Centre Construction Underway West of Werribee.

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Image: State of Victoria


The Community Safety Building Authority is building its new youth justice centre to the west of Werribee, in the vicinity of Cherry Creek. (see video below for exact location)

The site is approximately 11km from the Werribee train station and is 1.5km north east of Little River Road where it joins the Princes Freeway.

Image: State of Victoria

The new youth justice centre will play a key role in the rehabilitation of young people and children who are offending and improve community safety.

Image: State of Victoria

The $419 million project is providing jobs to over 400 workers on site with more than 250 ongoing jobs to be created to operate the facility when it opens in 2022.

Image: State of Victoria

The roles include youth justice custodial officers, psychologists, teachers, health workers and administrative and maintenance staff.


The new centre will include beds for remand and sentenced young offenders, a bed mental health unit, and an intensive intensive unit of at least eight beds.

The facility has been designed to deliver a specialised facility that focuses on staff safety and reducing re-offending.