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Violent Affray Erupts Outside Werribee Court: Three Arrested and Charged

Affray outside Werribee Court

Shocking incident at Duncans Road leaves one injured, as police investigate and suspects face charges.

In a shocking incident on Monday, November 27, an alleged affray unfolded outside the Werribee Court located at Duncans Road around 10:40 am, prompting a swift response from emergency services. Police were called to the scene to address the disturbance, leading to the arrest of three men.

During the altercation, one individual sustained minor injuries and was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. The nature of the injuries has not been disclosed by the authorities.

The three suspects were apprehended at the scene by police and have subsequently been charged in connection to the incident. Despite the severity of the allegations, all three individuals have been granted bail.

police at Werribee court
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The police have yet to release further details regarding the identities of the involved parties, including their ages and places of origin. 

The motive behind the affray and the circumstances leading up to the altercation remain unclear at this time. Residents and onlookers were left startled by the unexpected violence.

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