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Violent Confrontation at Tarneit School Leads to Arrest of Five Youths

Confrontation at Tarneit School

Four Teachers Assaulted while Intervening in Ongoing Student Dispute

In a disturbing incident that unfolded on August 22, police arrested five youths after an altercation at a Tarneit school. The incident, which involved an ongoing dispute with a fellow student, resulted in the alleged assault of four teachers who intervened to protect the targeted student.

According to reports, five female teenagers, believed to be aged between 17 and 19, arrived at the Tarneit Senior College on Leakes Road around 3:50 pm, in what seems to be a continuation of an ongoing feud with a student. The situation escalated when the group of youths confronted the student, prompting the teachers to step in to defuse the confrontation and ensure the safety of the targeted student.


Video of the attack has been leaked online.

Regrettably, the efforts of the four teachers were met with resistance, as they were allegedly assaulted during their attempt to mediate the dispute. The incident prompted a swift response from local law enforcement, with police officers arriving promptly at the scene.

Tarneit Senior College

Subsequently, all five individuals involved were arrested by the police. Among them, a 19-year-old female is currently facing charges of affray, the legal term used for a group fighting in a public place that disturbs the peace. She has been released on bail and is expected to make her appearance at the Werribee Magistrates Court on January 8, 2024.

The remaining four youths, all residents of Tarneit, are anticipated to be charged on summons with affray and unlawful assault. The legal proceedings will shed further light on the specifics of the alleged assault and the roles each of the accused played in the incident.

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