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VR Goggles Ease Anxieties at Werribee Mercy Hospital

Smileyscope at Werribee Mercy

The Paediatrics Ward at Werribee Mercy Hospital has just been equipped with hightech virtual reality goggles as a way to ease children‘s preprocedural anxieties.

Funded by the Rotary Club of Werribee, the Smileyscope goggles enable young patients to enter a tranquil and immersive environment, distracting them from the pain or fear they may experience.

Nurse Unit Manager Simone Danaher has already seen the positive effects of the technology, which can also reduce the need for sedation or other restraints and improve the patient experience overall.

The goggles can be adjusted to the age, interests and particular procedure of the patient. The staff at the ward expressed their gratitude to the Rotary Club for their generous donation.

In addition, Rotary Club President Ian Hovey was heartened to see a patient, Chevelle Cooke, who had recently fractured her wrist and elbow, enter a relaxed state when wearing the goggles. The club is now considering continuing their fundraising efforts to purchase an additional set of goggles.

The technology may be applied to other sections of the hospital, such as the Emergency Department and operating theatres.

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