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Werribee Doctor Found Guilty.

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A Werribee medical practitioner was found guilty of criminal charges under the National Law relating to professional misconduct in a video hearing on the 11th March 2021.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found that Dr Roger Bernard held out Ms Phoebe Pacheco as a registered medical practitioner and as a person able to use the title ‘medical doctor’ whilst knowing that she was not in fact a registered medical practitioner.

On the 28 November 2016, an Immediate Action Committee of the Medical Board of Australia suspended Dr Bernard’s registration as investigations began.

Dr Bernard was a registered practitioner practising at the Werribee Cosmetic Clinic where Ms Pacheco conducted medical consultations and cosmetic medical procedures.

Dr Bernard was also found to have possessed pre-signed blank prescription forms, pre-signed blank radiology and pathology request forms,incorrectly stored medications, including Schedule 4 drugs of dependence,possessed expired medications,and had inappropriate and inadequate arrangements for the disposal of sharps.

A period of disqualification of two years by way of a global penalty was given, which means Dr Bernard will have been out of practice for just under six and a half years by the time he is able to apply for re-registration

Dr Bernard was previously removed from practice for three years in November 2000 by the Medical Tribunal of NSW. In 2014, the Tasmanian Medical Board imposed conditions on his registration requiring him to have a chaperone present when he was performing intimate examinations, amongst other health related conditions. He was later cautioned by AHPRA, in 2019, for breaches of the conditions in 2015 – failing to record the chaperone details correctly.