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Point Cook Home Trashed by ‘Friend’.

Werribee home trashed

A couple is in a state of shock after a ‘trustworthy’ woman trashed a house they called home for 12 years.

In 2019, Andrew Robson and Jan felt like a change and moved interstate after living in the property in Point Cook for years under an agreement with the owner.

“During these 12 years, this wasn’t only a house but a home full of loving memories,” Mr Robson said on a GoFundMe page.

They left their Point Cook property to Emily, a single mom with three children in need of a place to live.

“The owner of the property asked us to find someone to take over and what perfect timing! Emily was struggling to find a place for her and her kids so we offered her to move in and take over,” Mr Robson said.

But in July 2022, Emily was given just three months to move out of the property and that’s when the excuses began.

“Over the past year, every attempt to inspect the property was met with excuse after excuse,” the post continued.

“Her kids were sick, she was ill, Covid, her father had passed. Finally we start to see the red flags.”


But Emily had failed to move out on the date she was supposed to.

“She had stopped paying rent and claimed fear for herself and her children,” Mr Robson said.

During November, the property’s real estate agent received an anonymous call informing them that the property had been vacated.

In anticipation of an end to their “nightmare,” Mr Robson and his partner Jan returned to the property.

“What we found instead of the beautiful home we remembered is nothing more than an absolute horror show. Every wall drawn on, broken furniture throughout, rubbish and bodily fluids everywhere,” he said.

“Now Emily has taken to the hills and left us with this destroyed memory and heartbreak.”

In order to fix up the house, a GoFundMe Page has been launched, and any extra funds will be donated to a mental health charity.

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