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Werribee Line to Close for New Road Bridge.

beam lift

Image: Level Crossing Removal Authority


Works are lifting off in May at the Old Geelong Road Level Crossing Removal Project site.

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28 precast concrete beams will be lifted into place across the rail line to form the new road bridge.

To allow crews to work safely, work will be undertaken around the clock from 7pm Friday 30 April to 7am Thursday 6 May while the Werribee line is closed.

Each beam is 34 metres long and weighs in at 60 tonnes. A huge 650 tonne crawler crane will be on site to lift the beams into place.

Work will also continue on the pedestrian and cyclist overpass throughout May. Crews will install steel, lift shafts and precast concrete elements for the stairs and elevated platform.

Changes to the way you travel
  • Federation Trail closed between Hoppers Crossing Station and the intersection of Old Geelong Road and Skeleton Waterholes Creek from 7pm Friday 30 April to 7am Thursday 6 May.