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Werribee Line to Get Safer, Faster with Level Crossing Removal

Werribee Line level crossing removal

Making the West Safer and More Efficient: Designs Released for Removal of Dangerous Level Crossing in Melbourne

The Victorian government has unveiled plans to remove a dangerous and congested level crossing in Melbourne’s west. The proposed design involves building a new road bridge over the Werribee Line at Maidstone Street, Altona. This project aims to improve safety and reliability for commuters in the busy industrial area.

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Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson announced the plans, stating that the new road bridge will feature one lane in each direction, a pedestrian footpath, and new lighting. Construction is set to begin in 2025, with the level crossing expected to be completely removed by 2027.

This decision comes as a response to the expected increase in freight and passenger train services on the Werribee Line in the future, which would result in longer periods of time with the boom gates down at the crossing. According to Pearson, this level crossing removal is crucial to keep the west moving.

However, not everyone is on board with the proposed design. Some locals have raised concerns about the impact on underground utilities and the nearby protected Maidstone Street Grassland. They argue that alternative options should have been considered to minimize any potential damage to the environment.

Maidstone Street Level crossing removal

The level crossing at Maidstone Street is a major thoroughfare, with over 14,400 vehicles and 48 trains passing through it every day. During the morning peak, the boom gates are down for more than 20% of the time, causing significant delays for commuters. The removal of this level crossing is expected to improve safety, reduce travel times, and contribute to the goal of a level crossing-free Werribee Line by 2030.

Member for Williamstown Melissa Horne also emphasized the importance of community feedback in this project. She encouraged locals to share their thoughts and opinions on the proposed design, which will help refine the plans and ensure that the final outcome meets the needs and concerns of the community.

The Labor government has committed to removing 110 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2030, with 80 already removed. Minister Pearson expressed his excitement about this latest development, stating that it brings them one step closer to achieving their goal of a level crossing-free Werribee Line by 2030. He also invited the community to provide feedback and help shape the final design of this important project.

The release of these designs has sparked mixed reactions from the public. While some welcome the plans for a safer and more efficient commute, others have raised valid concerns about potential environmental impacts. As the project moves forward, it is crucial for the government to consider all perspectives and ensure that the final outcome benefits the community as a whole.

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