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Werribee Secondary College Wins Prestigious Global Teaching Award

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Werribee Secondary College Shines Bright as a Beacon of Global Education Excellence

In a grand celebration of educational excellence, Victoria’s teachers, principals, and support staff were honoured at the 2023 Victorian Education Excellence Awards (VEEA) held at The Plaza Ballroom in central Melbourne. The awards, recognizing exceptional contributions to education, highlighted the dedication of individuals and teams across the state in fostering a culture of learning and empowerment.


Minister for Education Ben Carroll commended the commitment and passion of the state’s educators, praising their remarkable efforts in making Victoria the renowned “Education State.” He expressed his congratulations to all the winners and finalists, emphasizing their vital role in inspiring students to pursue their dreams and passions.

One of the night’s standout moments came when Werribee Secondary College was presented with the prestigious Dr Lawrie Shears Outstanding Global Teaching and Learning Award. The college’s Global Citizenship Team was recognized for their exceptional work in deepening students’ engagement with cultural diversity and global connectedness.

Werribee Secondary College, which hosts students from over 50 nationalities and 11 different countries, embarked on a transformative journey in 2022-23. Engaging in extensive reflection as part of the Council of International Schools re-accreditation process for their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, the college reimagined its learning environment to foster global citizenship and intercultural learning.

For Werribee Secondary College, global citizenship signifies empowering and empathetic students who appreciate cultural diversity and actively engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander as well as global issues and perspectives. The college’s efforts in intercultural learning have been marked by increased knowledge and skills that enable meaningful interactions between students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Collaboratively renewing its curriculum, the college forged partnerships with the local Bunurong people, the Aboriginal Wellness Foundation, and global learning partners. Through multiple international citizen-focused learning opportunities, Werribee Secondary College has renewed its intercultural and global priorities, infusing lessons and language with the values of cultural diversity and global interconnectedness.

Minister Ben Carroll, in his accolades, remarked, “Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of this year’s Victorian Education Excellence Awards – you do Victoria proud, and your big ideas inspire students across the state. These awards recognize the work that our amazing school workforce does to motivate and inspire students to pursue their dreams and passions and are a key part of what makes us the Education State.”

Werribee Secondary College’s achievement is a testament to the power of education in shaping future global citizens and fostering a culture of understanding and unity in Victoria’s diverse society. The college’s innovative approach sets a high standard for global teaching and learning, demonstrating the transformative impact education can have on individuals and communities alike.

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