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Werribee Teen’s Brutal Assault at Manor Lakes KFC: Offender Avoids Jail Time

Assault at Manor Lakes

Tameka Bradshaw Pleads Guilty to Vicious Attack at Manor Lakes KFC, Avoids Jail Time

A court hearing held today at Werribee Magistrates’ Court saw 19-year-old Tameka Bradshaw of Werribee plead guilty to charges of reckless cause injury and affray. The charges stem from a violent incident that occurred nearly a year ago at the Manor Lakes KFC.


The shocking assault took place on August 25, 2023, at the KFC located in the Manor Lakes Shopping Centre. Bradshaw, then 18, was at the fast-food restaurant with her ex-boyfriend and their one-year-old baby when she encountered the victim, a former acquaintance from Manor Lakes Secondary College.

According to court proceedings, Bradshaw handed her baby to her partner and waited outside the KFC doors for the victim to exit. Upon the victim’s departure, Bradshaw launched an unprovoked attack, dragging the victim by her hair to the ground and repeatedly stomping on her head. The brutal assault left the victim with a jaw broken in three places.

A witness at the scene reported that Bradshaw stomped on the victim’s head and face before fleeing the area. The altercation prompted an investigation by police, leading to Bradshaw’s eventual arrest and charges.

During today’s hearing, the court heard a heart-wrenching victim impact statement, detailing the severe physical and emotional toll the assault had taken. 

Bradshaw pleaded guilty to both charges. For the charge of reckless cause injury, she received a 12-month adjourned undertaking, requiring her to maintain good behavior. Additionally, for the affray charge, she was sentenced to a 12-month Community Corrections Order, including 100 hours of unpaid community service.

In determining the sentence, the judge took into consideration Bradshaw’s young age, her prospects for rehabilitation, and her current circumstances. Bradshaw has been actively engaged in a young offenders program for the past four months. She also has an upcoming interview to return to school and complete Years 11 and 12, with hopes of one day being gainfully employed.

The court’s decision aims to balance justice and rehabilitation, offering Bradshaw an opportunity to reform while acknowledging the gravity of her actions. However, some locals believe the sentence is too lenient, arguing that Bradshaw should be incarcerated for such a violent and unprovoked assault.

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