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Werribee’s Road Crash Rescue Team Impresses at ARRO Challenge

Road Rescue

Image: ARRO


Impressive performance in Australasian competition showcases team's rescue expertise

Werribee Fire Brigade’s road crash rescue team has achieved remarkable success by securing third place at this year’s highly competitive Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) Challenge in South Australia.

The team showcased their exceptional skills and expertise, competing against 23 other rescue teams. Their outstanding performance led them to secure first place in the Entrapped Rescue and Time Critical Rescue categories, while also earning third place in Industrial Rescue and Best Commander (Team Leader), resulting in an overall third-place finish. Additionally, they achieved a commendable fourth place in the Best Technical Team category.

This achievement marks the second time this year that Werribee members Daniel May (Team Leader), Dom Trifilo, Neil Davie, Anthony Hill, Scott Green, and Trevor Weston have demonstrated their excellence, following their victory at the 2023 NSW State Road Crash Rescue Challenge in May.

The ARRO Challenge, held from 29 June to 2 July in Adelaide, gathers rescue teams from various regions, including Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. Throughout the event, teams are tested in multiple scenarios across three categories: Time Critical, Controlled, and Entrapped.

Participants face challenges such as extracting individuals from vehicles, dealing with traumatic situations, and engaging in a CPR Challenge. To simulate real crash scenarios, actual vehicles are deliberately crushed in advance, while actors portray accident “victims,” whose injuries must be considered and treated as part of the rescue operations.

Werribee Fire Brigade has been actively participating in this prestigious event for several years. Team Leader Daniel May highlighted the significance of such competitions, stating, “Participating in these types of events sets a benchmark as to where we are compared to other fire and rescue organizations. Each challenge focuses on specific areas of expertise and exposes us to new knowledge and techniques that broaden our capabilities to collaborate with other agencies. Ultimately, it’s the community that benefits, as we return as better operators and share what we have learned with our brigade.”

The impressive performance of Werribee Fire Brigade’s road crash rescue team reflects their unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and commitment to enhancing their rescue capabilities. Their achievements in the ARRO Challenge further solidify their reputation as a leading force in emergency response and a vital asset to the community they serve.

Source: CFA

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