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West Gate Freeway Expansion: Major Upgrades Set to Enhance Commute

Westgate freeway works

The West Gate Freeway is undergoing significant expansion from eight to twelve lanes to facilitate smoother commutes between Melbourne’s western suburbs and the city centre. Already, crews have successfully laid over 36,000 tonnes of asphalt as part of the construction efforts.

Installation of Overhead Gantries:

An additional enhancement includes the installation of 46 overhead gantries along the West Gate Freeway, M80 Ring Road, and Princes Freeway, including interchange ramps. These structures will support traffic management tools such as electronic signs displaying speed limits and lane closures. Furthermore, they are set to house toll points when the project becomes fully operational by 2025. 

The toll point will be located between Millers Road and Williamstown Road.

Upcoming Disruptions This Weekend and Summer Closures:

Lane Closures:

When: From 7pm Friday, 12 April to 5am Monday, 15 April.
Where: Between the M80 interchange and Millers Road.
Details: The citybound carriageway will have three lanes open, and the outbound carriageway will have four lanes. Expect delays of up to 10 minutes.

Full Freeway Closure for Gantries Installation:

When: Overnight on Saturday, 13 April.
Where: In both directions between the M80 interchange and Millers Road.
Details: Citybound lanes close at 11 pm and outbound lanes at 11:59 pm. The freeway will reopen at 7 am. Additional overnight closures are planned throughout the summer to facilitate safe gantry installations.

Ramp Closures:

When: Overnight on Friday, 12 April, and Sunday, 14 April.
Where: Citybound ramps from the Princes Freeway to Geelong Road and the West Gate Freeway.
Details: Closures occur from 10 pm to 5 am.

Travel Advice:

Motorists are urged to follow the signage for directions and allow extra time for their journeys. The summer period has been chosen for major works due to typically lower traffic volumes, which aids in the efficient laying of asphalt and installation of infrastructure.

For More Information:

Stay updated on freeway disruptions by visiting The Big Build website. Plan your travel accordingly to avoid delays as Melbourne’s key freeways get a major upgrade.

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