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West Gate Tunnel Project Tunnel Boring Machine Successfully Breaks Through!

Westgate tunnel progress

TBM Vida breaks through in February 2023


The West Gate Tunnel Project has achieved a major milestone, with TBM Vida completing its 2.8kilometre journey and the excavation of the first tunnel now complete.

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TBM Bella is due to finish her fourkilometre journey in the coming months. The two TBMs, currently the biggest in Australia, have excavated over one million tonnes of rock and soil, and installed over 10,000 concrete segments.

With these tunnels in place, the West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver a muchneeded second river crossing, removing up to 9,000 trucks from residential streets and cutting travel time between Melbourne‘s west and the city by up to 20 minutes.

In addition, there will be 14 kilometres of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths and almost nine hectares of new parks and wetlands. Crews are now working to remove Vida piece by piece, ready for completion in 2025.

Wyndham residents will certainly be watching for travel time improvements once completed.

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