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Western United’s Debut in Tarneit: Celebration and Controversy

Western United in Tarneit

Over 2,000 Fans Celebrate the Opening of the Regional Football Facility, Despite Parking Woes and Goal-Line Dispute

In a historic day for Western United and the Tarneit community, the much-anticipated opening of the Regional Football Facility was marked by fanfare, passion, and a bit of controversy. Despite a 3-1 defeat at the hands of the Newcastle Jets, the Liberty A-League Women’s inaugural home match was a celebration of football, community spirit, and the potential of this new venue to become a beacon for the sport in the region.


Over 2,000 fans poured into the venue, eager to witness the dawn of a new era in Victorian football. The day was packed with activities and interactions that football enthusiasts dream of: meeting players, enjoying football inflatables, and soaking up the atmosphere of live football. The fans’ enthusiasm was palpable, with many leaving with arms full of memorabilia, including posters, stickers, and exclusive merchandise, all while expressing a keen desire to return for future matches.

However, the day was not without its challenges. Scott Fisher, an attendee, voiced his frustration over the parking situation, labeling the $20 charge for parking in a gravel paddock as an “outrageous rip-off.” Fisher’s discontent highlights an area for improvement as the club looks to enhance the fan experience.

Controversy also arose on the pitch with the awarding of a goal to local Tarneit player Avaani Prakash, which was widely disputed by fans and observers alike. The goal, initially claimed by Amy Medwin, appeared to have crossed the line before Prakash’s involvement, sparking debate among the community.

Medwin goal kick Tarneit
The ball was across the line after No. 5 Medwin's kick. Prakash is seen coming in from the left.

Despite these hiccups, the opening of the Regional Football Facility represents a significant milestone for Western United and the local community. Steve Horvat, former Socceroo and WUFC Director of Football, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the club’s future at the new venue. He thanked everyone for their support and looked forward to the growth of both the club and the facility.

Western United co-captain and Matilda Chloe Logarzo echoed Horvat’s sentiments, praising the community’s enthusiasm and the electric atmosphere at the match. She highlighted the significance of the day for both the club and the Tarneit community, pointing to it as the start of something incredible.

The facility, being only the second rectangular stadium in Victoria capable of hosting A-League Women and Men matches, has already garnered substantial support from the community. With National Premier Leagues (NPL) fixtures and the first-ever Isuzu UTE A-League Men home match scheduled for early April, the future looks bright for Western United and their new home in Tarneit.

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