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What Was That? 1000th Show at Werribee Park Mansion

what was that 1000th show

Celebrate This Exclusive Event with Essence Theatre Productions

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Essence Theatre Productions commemorates their 20th Anniversary.

Founded in 2003 by Alaine Beek, this independent theatre company has been dedicated to bringing Australian stories to life through captivating performances.

Alongside “What Was That?”, they have an impressive portfolio of original works that have received rave reviews.

what was that 20th anniversary

Exclusive Event! An Extravaganza of Arts and Food

As part of the celebrations, Essence Theatre Productions is partnering with the esteemed ShadowFax Winery for an exclusive event on Thursday, August 17, 2023.

This one-of-a-kind celebration will feature live music, delectable cocktail food crafted by ShadowFax Restaurant, and a divine dessert created by renowned Chef Bart Beek.

The evening will be accompanied by a selection of fine wines and beverages from the winery, promising an unforgettable experience for arts and food lovers.

Shadowfax Winery
Image: Shadowfax
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There's Much More to Celebrate

In addition to the 20th year milestone, Essence Theatre Productions proudly present their 1000th performance of ‘What Was That’ – a gripping tale written by the talented Alaine Beek which has been running at Werribee Park since 2003 and captivating over 23,000 thrilled audience members..

A Historic Thriller Unfolds

Based on the true story of The Chirnside Family, “What Was That?” offers an exclusive and unforgettable encounter with Victoria’s grand history.

Essence Productions skillfully marries arts and history to create an enthralling performance that leaves a lasting impression on locals, interstate visitors, and international guests alike.

We are counting down to the 1000th performance of What Was That?

998th – July 29th

999th – August 5th

1000th – August 12th

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