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What’s in a Name? New Community Centres in Truganina and Werribee

Truganina Community Centre

Cast Your Vote for Naming New Community Centres in Truganina and Werribee

Residents now have the opportunity to participate in the naming process for two upcoming community centres that are presently under construction. The community centre in Truganina can be named from three options: Truganina Community Centre, Everton Road Community Centre, and Pimelea Community Centre. Similarly, the community centre in Werribee can adopt a name from three alternatives: Shipwright Parade Community Centre, Lollypop Creek Community Centre, or Ironbark Community Centre.

Wyndham City Mayor, and Councillor, Susan McIntyre, revealed that this marks the second phase of community engagement to designate names for these centres. Initially, residents were asked to select among four themes – Traditional Owner recognition, gender equality, linking the name to a place, or commemoration – to guide the naming process for each community centre. The outcomes of the initial consultation demonstrated a preference for names associated with the respective locations of the centres.

Werribee community centre
The centre in Werribee

Councillor Jasmine Hill, in charge of Wyndham City’s Learning City portfolio, expressed enthusiasm about the community’s involvement in this naming initiative. She eagerly anticipates the unveiling of the preferred names for each community centre. The two centres, set to open in 2024, are positioned to enhance access to top-tier early childhood services. Moreover, they will serve as venues for a variety of community programs, events, and activities to cater to the expanding population.

Crucially, the centres will play a pivotal role in addressing the shortage of kindergarten spaces for families in Werribee and Truganina starting in 2025. The community centre in Werribee, with a budget of $13.7 million, will be situated on Shipwright Parade within the Harpley Estate vicinity, adjacent to Lollypop Creek Primary School P-6. Funding for this facility comes in part from the Victorian Government, which has contributed $2.5 million through a Building Blocks grant and $1.3 million from the Growing Suburbs Fund.

Meanwhile, the $18.4 million community centre in Truganina will be located on Everton Road, in proximity to a new P-9 school and a co-located kindergarten set to open in 2024. The Victorian Government’s support for this endeavour amounts to $4 million from the Growing Suburbs Fund, $3 million from a Building Blocks grant, and $921,000 from the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program.

Residents are encouraged to cast their votes for their preferred names at the following link: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/help-us-name-our-new-community-centres

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