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‘White Power’ Stickers Posted Around Point Cook.

white power socialist sticker

Image: Facebook


Earlier this week in Point Cook a local discovered a  few ‘White Power’ stickers displayed around the Point Cook Town Centre.

The resident took to local social media pages to express their disdain to other members of the community and to condemn the action of those who posted the stickers saying “Keep your Nazi bull**** to yourself”.

The resident said that they had also removed the stickers that they found. One other resident had also found four stickers which they promptly removed.

The group believed to be responsible is The National Socialist Network which state on their website that they are made up of “White Australians dedicated to bringing the National Socialist message to our people and forming local groups of like-minded activists. We are working to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

The group states that have not and will never use or advocate violence or terrorism to further their movement and that their revolution will be achieved by persuading people of the justness of their cause, and will build political organisations to further the survival of the White race.

Any suggestion to the contrary is simply a lie, and the motives of those making such claims should be very closely examined, they state on their website.

Some locals labelled the stickers as disgusting and outrageous while another said, “In Australia’s most multicultural suburb?! Someone failed to read the room. I will be removing any that I come across.”