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Wyndham Adopts Record Budget!

Wyndham City Civic Centre

The Budget was adopted at last night’s Council meeting.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said: “This Budget presents a vision for the Wyndham community to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic and build a strong foundation for the future.”


“It is a responsible and considered budget that delivers a proposed record capital works investment.”

Key highlights of the Budget include:

  • Upgrading and building new local roads – $27.2 million
  • Active Transport Network – $4 million
  • Local road reconstruction and resurfacing – $12.9 million
  • Sports and recreation infrastructure – $29 million
  • Playground and parks upgrades – $2.02 million
  • Kindergarten and children centre services – $18.09 million
  • Maternal child and health and immunisation services – $13.91 million
  • Library services – $9.76 million

“This Budget is designed to enhance and protect the local environment, build a healthy and resilient community and maintain essential services.”

“Not only are we investing in new roads to try and ease congestion, we’re upgrading and repairing old ones.”

“We’re also spending almost $10 million to operate our local libraries – a service so many of our residents love.”

“We’re also spending $13 million on maternal, child health and immunisation services this financial year. And a further $18 million on kindergarten and children services.”

“With so many young families in Wyndham, we need to continue to provide this vital support for our youngest residents.”

“We’re also funding major landscape works across Wyndham, to provide new sporting ovals and facilities. And we’re investing in new community centres across the municipality.”

“We are also investing heavily in our local environment, providing money to restore the K-Road Cliffs, to plant new trees and install new energy efficient lights across the municipality.”

“We want to build a healthy and resilient community. And we believe this Budget will help us achieve that goal.”

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