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Wyndham City Awards Over $660,000 to 21 Community Groups

Wyndham Council Grants

Wyndham City Council has announced its support for 21 community groups through the Large Community Grants program for the 2023-2024 period. The grants, totalling close to $660,000, were awarded to the successful applicants at a ceremony held on March 27th.


The funded projects cover a diverse range of initiatives, with 33% focused on cultural events and festivals, 24% on health and wellbeing, and 19% on mentoring and life skills development. Other areas of focus include sport and recreation, community support and human services, and arts development.

These projects aim to reach a variety of population groups, including young people, multicultural communities, those on low incomes, women, older people, First Nations people, and individuals with long-term health conditions or disabilities. Additionally, there are specific initiatives to support those with low educational attainments, women and their children escaping family violence, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Jennie Barrera, emphasized the importance of these grants in responding to community needs and supporting the city’s guiding plans and strategies. She also expressed excitement for the impact these projects will have on fostering a strong sense of community in Wyndham.

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