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Wyndham City Celebrates Participation in National Ride2School Day

Ride to school

Wyndham City is excited to share that local schools are eagerly participating in the National Ride2School Day, which is set for 22 March 2024. The event, expected to draw participation from thousands of students who will ride, scoot, skate, or walk to their schools, is anticipated to be a dynamic showcase of active travel.

The Ride2School program, a national initiative led by Bicycle Network, aims to empower and inspire schools to advocate for physical activity among students on their way to school. This effort is in line with Wyndham City’s dedication to promoting healthy habits and active lifestyles among its young population.

The program has been instrumental in supporting numerous schools across the nation, encouraging students to choose physically active means of transport to school. Last year, the initiative saw a record participation of 500 schools in the state of Victoria alone, highlighting its expanding influence.

Councillor Adele Hegedich, the holder of Wyndham City’s Healthy City Portfolio, has expressed her excitement about the initiative. She noted that the Ride2School program not only fosters physical activity and instills healthy habits in children but also enhances community spirit. Councillor Hegedich expressed her delight at seeing the community’s children engage with the National Ride2School Day initiative, emphasizing the positive impact of active travel on both the physical health of the city’s youth and the collective effort to nurture a healthier, more interconnected community.

The involvement of local schools in the National Ride2School Day is perfectly in sync with Wyndham City’s Active Transport Strategy. This participation aids in the city’s efforts to enhance its path network and advocate for the broader use of active transport, aiming for a sustainable and healthier future. Additionally, this engagement underpins the Council’s ongoing Active Travel to Schools program.

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