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Wyndham City Council Acquires Historic Palais Theatre Site in Werribee

Cash Converters Sold

In a bold move to further transform the heart of Werribee, Wyndham City Council has announced the acquisition of the historic Palais Theatre site in Station Place. The notable purchase, however, comes with a hefty price tag at around $4.4 million and a conspicuous absence of details regarding future plans for the iconic building.

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Originally opened in 1928 as the Picture Palais theatre and cinema, the site has undergone various transformations, with the most recent being home to Cash Converters. The latter incarnation has been a subject of contention among local residents, sparking debates about its purpose in the area.

Wyndham City Mayor, Councillor Jennie Barrera, defended the decision, asserting that the acquisition aligns with the ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the Werribee City Centre. Highlighting recent investments in the area, including a $13 million Wyndham Park redevelopment and the revitalization of the Bridge Hotel and Hunter Werribee building, Cr Barrera emphasized the strategic significance of the Palais Theatre site.

“In recent years, Wyndham City has invested heavily in the Werribee City Centre, and the decision to purchase the old Palais Theatre site means we’re able to guide the type of development that we will see there in the future, in keeping with our vision for the Werribee City Centre,” Cr Barrera stated.

Notably, the Council has refrained from disclosing specific plans for the Palais Theatre site, leaving the community in suspense regarding the fate of the historic building. The lack of transparency has raised questions among residents about the direction Wyndham City intends to take with this significant piece of Werribee’s history.

Councillor Mia Shaw, Wyndham City’s Future Focused Economy portfolio holder, justified the acquisition as a means to enhance the vibrancy and excitement of Werribee City Centre. However, Shaw remained tight-lipped about the Council’s vision for the Palais Theatre site, leaving the community curious about the future developments.

“This acquisition is all about making Werribee City Centre a more vibrant and exciting place to be for our residents and visitors, and will ensure a lasting legacy for our community. Council will now work closely with the current tenants as we look at the long-term future of the site,” Councillor Mia Shaw stated.

As the Council celebrates its strategic move to shape the destiny of the Palais Theatre site, the conspicuous absence of concrete plans has left Werribee residents eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the history of this iconic location. The mystery surrounding the Council’s intentions adds an air of intrigue to the cash splash, leaving the community poised for an announcement that could redefine the Werribee City Centre landscape.

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