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Wyndham City Council Approves $167 Million Budget for 2023-24

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Capital Works Program, Road Upgrades, and Community Support Allocated in Wyndham's Budget for the Coming Year

Wyndham City Council last night formally approved its 2023-24 Budget and Annual Plan. The key feature of the budget is a comprehensive Capital Works program worth over $167 million. This program encompasses various initiatives, such as allocating more than $38 million for the construction of new roads, resurfacing and renovating existing ones, and improving the Active Transport Network.

Furthermore, an additional $41 million has been earmarked for the maintenance of reserves, open spaces, playgrounds, and services associated with enhancing the beauty of Wyndham, including tasks like mowing, watering, and tree planting.

The budget also allocates more than $432 million to support residents with essential services. Specifically, $20 million is designated for Kindergartens and Children’s services, $11.9 million for Maternal Child and Health Immunisations, and $10.8 million for Libraries.

According to Wyndham Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre, the budget reflects a focus on spending in the appropriate areas and the delivery of assets and projects that enjoy residents’ support. She emphasizes the thoughtfulness and responsibility of this budget, which took into account feedback from over 100 residents who contributed significantly to its finalization.

The endorsed budget includes a $167 million Capital Works Program, featuring notable projects such as road construction, upgrades, and renewals with a budget of $33.2 million. The Active Transport Network will receive $5 million in funding. Other significant projects include the implementation of the Tarneit North Master Plan ($11 million), the Truganina Community Centre ($10.1 million), Alfred Road Reserve Implementation ($8.3 million), Webster Street Reserve ($4.75 million), Jamieson Way Master Plan Stage One ($3 million), Black Forest Road South Community Centre ($5 million), and Manor Lakes North Reserve Master Plan Implementation ($3.6 million).

Several key road projects have been outlined, including the duplication of Tarneit Road between Sayers Road and Leakes Road ($4.5 million), the reconstruction of K Road in Werribee South ($3.5 million), intersection works for Davis and Dohertys Road ($2.5 million), and various local road reconstruction projects totaling $4.9 million. Leakes Road between Tarneit Road and Derrimut Road will undergo stage one upgrades with a budget of $2.2 million. Additionally, $3 million has been allocated for stage one repairs and widening of Old Melbourne Road, while work on several roads in Little River will commence. Early works for the duplication of Tarneit Road between Railway Avenue and Shaws Road have been allocated $1.7 million.

A total of $12.7 million has been set aside for parks, open spaces, and streetscapes. The budget reaffirms the council’s commitment to a green Wyndham, with $5.6 million allocated to the implementation of the Wyndham Coastal and Marine Management Plan, $5.6 million for K Road Cliff drainage improvements, and $2 million for the Greening the Pipeline Project.

Cr McIntyre acknowledged that increased costs have led to tough decisions, as building materials and utilities have experienced price hikes of up to 40 percent. The budget allows for an increase in council borrowings from the current $15 million to a maximum of $67.5 million by June 30, 2024. However, these borrowings will only be utilized if necessary.

In addition to the aforementioned expenditures, the budget includes funding for community grants totaling $1.45 million, empowering local community groups and organizations to carry out programs and events that make a positive difference.

For the 2023-24 financial year, the State Government has set a rate cap of 3.5 percent. Residents facing difficulties in paying their rates by the

due date are encouraged to contact 1300 023 411 to discuss available options, including setting up a payment plan.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website at www.wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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