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Wyndham City Council Declares War on Developer as Traffic Nightmare Sparks Safety Uproar in Tarneit

Creekstone Estate in Tarneit

In a decisive move, Wyndham City Council has imposed a sales ban on Macson Developments, preventing the company from selling further properties within the Creekstone estate in Tarneit, until crucial infrastructure, including a new road and bridge, is completed. This action comes in response to severe traffic congestion at a critical intersection, currently the sole access point for the rapidly expanding housing estate in Tarneit.


Residents of Creekstone, many of whom have expressed growing concern for months, fear the traffic issues could soon lead to serious accidents. The estate, still under construction, lacks adequate pedestrian and cycling paths, further compounding safety risks. The Council’s intervention follows repeated calls from the community for Macson to fulfil its obligations.

Macson Developments has acknowledged its failure to meet the agreed December deadline for the infrastructure projects, attributing the delay to the Department of Transport and Planning for not issuing necessary permits. However, frustrated residents are primarily concerned with seeing the promised improvements come to fruition.

The current traffic situation forces residents to navigate a dangerous bottleneck at peak times, with Settlement Road funneling traffic onto the high-speed Dohertys Road. The delay in infrastructure development could affect up to 1,000 planned homes within the estate.

Wyndham City Council, leveraging a rare power under the state’s Planning and Environment Act, is pressing for the immediate construction of an alternate road entry and a bridge over Skeleton Creek. Deputy Mayor, Cr Josh Gilligan, emphasized the council’s firm stance, stating, “Council’s position sends a clear message to developers: either you deliver on your promises or Wyndham will stop you leeching money from our community.”

The situation has also drawn the attention of local MP, Sarah Connolly, who supports the council’s demand for accelerated infrastructure development. Until Macson Developments meets these critical conditions, the Council will withhold further Statements of Compliance, essential for the sale of new home and land packages in Creekstone Estate.

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