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VIDEO: Wyndham City Drafts Ten-Year Asset Plan

Draft assett plan

Wyndham City Council has prepared and released its draft Asset Plan for public exhibition, which outlines what is needed to ensure the effective investment in assets to ensure Council meets community expectations and plans effectively for the future.

A new draft 10-year plan has been developed to guide the maintenance, renewal, and replacement of Wyndham City assets.

Wyndham City’s assets support the delivery of valued services to the community, and assets include Council-owned infrastructure like roads, playgrounds, sports grounds and buildings where services like maternal child health are provided. The $4.76 billion asset portfolio helps deliver over 60 core services from five major asset categories: transport assets, facilities, stormwater, open space, and plant and equipment.

To ensure our future service and asset planning is aligned with community needs and expectations, 32 community-minded individuals from the Wyndham City People’s Advisory Panel participated in intensive workshops to discuss and develop recommendations on the way services and assets are planned in the City. The ‘Wyndham Deliberative Panel’ members represented a ‘mini-Wyndham’ cross-section of the community. On Tuesday, 26 April, community members from the Panel presented their report to Councillors at the Ordinary Council Meeting.


Along with the Panel’s recommendations, Wyndham City’s draft Asset plan was developed using insights from real-time data modelling from Council’s digital asset management system.

Wyndham City Mayor Peter Maynard said: “In Wyndham, we are fortunate to have a passionate, engaged and innovative community to serve. The recommendations developed by the Wyndham Deliberative panel are considered and creative. We appreciate the time, care and energy our community brought to this process.”


Wyndham City Director of City Operations, Stephen Thorpe, said: “Together, we have the challenging task of managing our assets to meet the level of service our City requires and ensuring that we do this most cost-effectively for our current and future community.”

“A sustainable and equitable Wyndham will be our reward for tackling this challenge head-on.”

The Draft Asset Plan is now available for public exhibition and to be viewed online.

View the plan and share your thoughts until Wednesday, 25 May via: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/asset-plan