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Wyndham City Election Shake-Up: New Faces Wanted for Groundbreaking Council Shift!

Wyndham Councillors 2024

Wyndham City gears up for a transformative council election with the introduction of single-member wards.

Wyndham City, in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), is actively seeking community members with a vision for leadership to participate in the upcoming council elections. This initiative is part of the MAV’s Stand for Council campaign, designed to energize local governance with new and inclusive leadership.

An information session for prospective candidates is slated to take place at the Wyndham Civic Centre on Wednesday, 5 June 2024, at 6:30 pm. This event aims to enlighten potential candidates about the roles and expectations of a council member. Those interested must register beforehand to attend.

The session will feature the “Citizen to Councillor Guide 2024,” which serves as a vital resource for understanding the duties and significance of a council member. Stephen Wall, CEO of Wyndham City, emphasized the importance of local governance and the need for competent candidates. “Councils are the closest level of government to the community – and to represent their communities successfully, they need great quality candidates to put their hand up for election,” Mr. Wall stated.

Wyndham City Council Wards
Council is splitting in to 11 wards.

This election cycle is particularly significant as Wyndham City will implement a new electoral structure with 11 single-member wards. Mr. Wall encourages all potential candidates to thoroughly research these changes.

Kelly Grigsby, CEO of MAV, noted that the campaign supports a diverse array of candidates, including individuals from first nations and emerging communities. “The sessions and resources will help you to further consider the broad responsibilities of a councillor, the wide range of issues you will be required to make decisions about and the time commitment,” Ms. Grigsby explained.

Wyndham Electorates

As Wyndham City approaches a crucial electoral milestone, the community’s engagement and the quality of its candidates will play a defining role in shaping its future.

For more details on the MAV Stand for Council campaign and to register for the candidate information session, please visit www.mav.asn.au/stand-for-council-2024. Information regarding the new electoral boundaries for the 2024 elections can be found at www.localgovernment.vic.gov.au/council-governance/electoral-representation-advisory-panels-eraps.

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