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Wyndham City Flourishes with Greenery: 8,700 Trees Planted in Annual Program

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Citywide Initiative Boosts Canopy Cover, Combats Urban Heat, and Enhances Biodiversity

In a dedicated effort to enhance the city’s green landscape, Wyndham City proudly announces the successful conclusion of its annual tree planting program. A total of 8,700 trees now grace the streets and parks, with 5,100 adorning the thoroughfares and 3,600 finding their home in the city’s parks and reserves in 2023.

The Tree Planting Program, a seasonal initiative occurring during the cooler months from April to June, aims to achieve a 25 per cent canopy cover in streets and an impressive 35 per cent in parks and reserves. This strategic endeavour is designed to maintain a cool and verdant environment, mitigating the urban heat island effect.

Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre expressed the council’s commitment to planting at least one tree in every suitable nature strip by the year 2030. Highlighting the significance of this initiative, she noted that Wyndham City has been identified as having one of the lowest tree cover rates in Victoria.

“With very little shade to keep the streets and homes cool, the City is vulnerable to increased temperatures, higher energy costs, windy weather conditions, and limited wildlife habitat,” Mayor McIntyre emphasized.

Acknowledging the vital role of trees in reducing the heat island effect, improving air quality, and providing habitats, Mayor McIntyre extended gratitude to the community for their active involvement in nurturing the newly planted trees.

In addition to the annual tree planting program, Wyndham City also distributed over 1,000 trees during a free giveaway event in July. Furthermore, 15,000 tube stocks were planted across the city, with 10,000 of these planted collaboratively with the community in activities such as National Tree Planting Day.

The city encourages active participation and engagement in fostering a greener, more sustainable urban environment.

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