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Wyndham City Resumes Cat Trapping

cat in trap

Wyndham City has reinitiated its cat trapping service following the reinstatement of cat vaccine availability in Victoria. This action comes after the service was suspended last November due to a nationwide shortage of cat vaccines.


The suspension aimed to reduce the number of cats being taken to the council-owned pound and The Lost Dogs Home, mitigating the risk of disease in communal environments. This was also a period when The Lost Dogs Home was dealing with a significant shortage of cat vaccines, attributed to global production challenges.

The council is encouraging residents to consider alternative solutions before surrendering healthy cats. These alternatives could involve discussions about veterinary costs with local veterinary clinics, seeking assistance from friends or family, or reaching out to welfare organizations for help with the costs of pet food. Furthermore, when surrendering a cat to a shelter, residents are encouraged to provide any existing vaccination records. This helps in managing the distribution of vaccines, avoiding duplicate vaccinations, and facilitating a quicker surrender process.

To further protect pets from diseases, residents are advised to keep their cats indoors and ensure they are desexed. For those needing to request a cat trap, the contact number is 1300 023 411.

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