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Wyndham City Stadium and New Sayers Road Train Station: A Vision for the Future

Sayers Road Train Station

Image: Train station and stadium concept


Groundbreaking Plan for Connectivity and Sustainability in Wyndham City Council's Next Vote

The Wyndham City Council is on the verge of a pivotal decision that could transform Tarneit, with the Wyndham Stadium Precinct Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) set for a vote in tomorrow night’s council meeting. This forward-thinking plan seeks to turn a vast expanse of greenfield land into a sustainable, liveable urban community, with the new Wyndham City Stadium at 1160 Sayers Road at its heart.


The Wyndham City Council stands at the threshold of approving a transformative urban development plan, setting the stage for a pivotal vote in tomorrow night’s council meeting. The plan introduces a sustainable, liveable urban precinct around the newly proposed Wyndham City Stadium at 1160 Sayers Road, a project that promises to redefine Melbourne’s outer north-west.

Crafted with insights from Global South, Arup, and LatStudios, and after wide-ranging consultations with the community and stakeholders, the ISP introduces a cohesive design for four interconnected neighbourhoods grounded in the principles of 20-minute neighbourhoods, emphasizing the ease of access to amenities.

Enhanced Connectivity with Sayers Road Train Station

Central to the plan’s vision is the inclusion of the new Sayers Road train station, anticipated to be a key focal point for regional and metropolitan access. This addition is expected to significantly enhance connectivity within the precinct, linking the stadium, the forthcoming Riverdale Major Town Centre (MTC), and the surrounding residential areas.

The relocation of Sayers Road aims to eliminate barriers between the stadium, the train station, and the Riverdale MTC, fostering a seamless urban environment that encourages community interaction and sustainable living practices.

Wyndham Stadium Train Station plan
Possible options for Sayers Road relocation and train station.

The strategic plan also details the development’s environmental considerations, with green corridors and open spaces planned around the stadium and residential zones, ensuring a harmonious balance between urban development and natural landscapes.

Future-Proofing Wyndham’s Growth

As the Wyndham population grows, the council anticipates that the new Major Town Centre, smaller neighbourhood hubs, and local businesses will thrive, supported by increased patronage and employment opportunities. The inclusion of the Sayers Road train station underscores the council’s commitment to sustainable transport solutions, reducing the reliance on private vehicles and enhancing the area’s overall liveability.

The vote on the ISP represents a crucial step towards realizing this ambitious urban development project. If adopted, the plan will guide future planning processes, including the Oakbank Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), potential amendments to the Riverdale PSP, and the design framework for the Riverdale MTC, with a focus on sustainability, connectivity, and community well-being.

As the council prepares for tomorrow’s vote, the anticipation builds for a decision that could set a new benchmark for urban development in Melbourne, showcasing an integrated approach to building vibrant, sustainable communities.

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