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Wyndham City Temporarily Suspends Cat Trapping Services

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International Production Issues Cause Critical Vaccine Shortage, Prompting Wyndham City to Take Precautionary Measures

In response to a nationwide cat vaccine shortage, Wyndham City has implemented changes to its cat trapping services effective immediately. The decision comes as a result of a critical supply shortage of cat vaccines faced by The Lost Dogs Home, the service provider for Wyndham City’s cat trapping services.

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As of today, Wyndham City will temporarily suspend its cat trapping services to mitigate the risk of increased cat intake at the Council-owned pound and The Lost Dogs Home. The shortage of essential cat vaccines is attributed to international production issues, and the supply is not expected to improve until February of next year.

Wyndham City Mayor, Councillor Jennie Barrera, emphasized the council’s commitment to closely monitoring and responding to the evolving situation in collaboration with The Lost Dogs Home. Mayor Barrera assured residents that cat trapping services would resume promptly once a sufficient vaccine supply becomes available, with the community being promptly notified of the reinstatement.

Residents who have previously requested cat traps from the Council are advised that the service has ceased temporarily. Additionally, Wyndham City will not accept new bookings for cat trappings until the vaccine supply issue is resolved.

Mayor Barrera acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the suspension of cat trapping services and encouraged residents to explore alternative options before surrendering healthy cats. Suggestions included consulting local veterinary practices about veterinary costs, seeking support from friends or family members, or contacting welfare agencies for assistance with pet-related expenses.

For residents considering surrendering a cat, Mayor Barrera emphasized the importance of providing any available vaccination documentation to expedite processing and avoid duplicate vaccinations. She also suggested that, during this critical period, residents should consider keeping cats indoors and exploring desexing options to contribute to responsible pet ownership.

The council assures residents that they will remain vigilant in monitoring the situation and will resume cat trapping services as soon as the vaccine supply becomes readily available, prioritizing the health and welfare of the community’s feline companions.

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