Wyndham City Welcomes Progress on Local Level Crossing Removals

Wyndham City has welcomed yesterday’s announcement of contracts being awarded for the removal of the level crossing at Cherry Street, labelling it a positive step towards easing congestion on our roads, and improving safety at dangerous level crossings.


Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Josh Gilligan, said while the level crossing removals are managed and delivered by the State Government, Council has been working closely with the State to ensure the best possible outcome for our community.

“At Cherry Street, our constructive discussions with the State Government have led to a number of improvements to the initial design,” Cr Gilligan said.

This includes:

  • The construction of 130 commuter car parks on the land to the north of Bunnings at Cherry Street
  • Traffic signals at the intersection of Railway Avenue and Tarneit Road instead of a roundabout as initially planned
  • The installation of a footpath at the Tarneit Road extension bridge
  • A new shared user path connection under the planned new road bridge by the Civic Centre
  • The creation of open spaces to the areas north and south of the rail line

Cr Gilligan said Council would continue to work with the State Government to deliver the best outcome for the local community and businesses.

“We continue to reinforce the need for the State to work through its designs for the Cherry Street crossing to address the potential rat-run issues through local roads, including Wattle Avenue,” Cr Gilligan said.

“A key priority for us on these level crossing removal works is easy and functional access to and from Werribee City Centre.”

“We will continue to work alongside the State Government to ensure its works aligns with our vision to build a vibrant city centre in Werribee, by managing the impacts on the community and businesses through the construction phase, and once complete.”

“At the Old Geelong Road and Werribee Street crossings, we are continuing to work through our design concerns.”

Residents wanting to know more about this project are encouraged to visit www.levelcrossings.vic.gov.au or contact the LXRP call centre at 1800 105 105.


Source: Wyndham City Councilyest

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