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Wyndham City’s Blitz Against Illegal Charity Bin Dumping

Charity Bin Dumpers

58 Fined and $56,193 Collected in Crackdown on Charity Collection Point Offences

With a series of effective blitzes, Wyndham City has managed to reduce illegal dumping incidents at charity donation points. Over the past five months, a total of 58 individuals have been fined a combined amount of $56,193 for their improper disposal of items outside charity bins and stores. This crackdown has resulted in a significant decline in dumping incidents at these locations.

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Wyndham Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, emphasized the importance of being mindful of posted signs at donation points, which clearly instruct visitors not to leave items behind when the store is closed or if the item cannot fit inside the charity bin. Cr McIntyre firmly stated that dumping is unacceptable and urged residents and visitors to recycle responsibly by following the guidelines at charity donation points.

The majority of residents in Wyndham responsibly dispose of their waste through household bins, Council hard waste services, recycling facilities, or the Wyndham refuse disposal facility. Cr McIntyre advised that when visiting a charity store, individuals should only bring items in good condition during open hours, inquire if the item is needed, and if not, find an alternative disposal method using Wyndham’s A-Z Interactive Waste guide.

Charity bin dumping

Regarding charity bins, Cr McIntyre emphasized the importance of placing only correct items inside the bin and refraining from leaving anything around them, as this constitutes illegal dumping, regardless of good intentions for reuse.

While a small number of people have engaged in illegal dumping, the use of CCTV cameras and increased patrols has proven effective in deterring such activities. Wyndham City remains dedicated to its Keep Wyndham Clean campaign and aims to put a stop to littering and dumping incidents.

For the past three years, Wyndham City, in collaboration with Wyndham Litter Warriors, has conducted its Litter Blitz program, providing direct guidance and support to residential estates for waste and recycling management. The next event will take place in the Bellbridge Drive Estate Hoppers Crossing in July, where residents will receive valuable information about waste management and neighborhood cleanliness to prevent future litter and dumping.

Issues like dumped rubbish on nature strips, broken bins, and bins left out after collection will be addressed during the event. Residents seeking assistance with waste, bins, or property management are encouraged to get in touch with the Council. Furthermore, residents are invited to join Wyndham Litter Warriors on the day to help pick up litter.

For more information about this event or responsible waste recycling and disposal, residents can contact wastewise@wyndham.vic.gov.au or visit: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/recycleright.

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