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Wyndham City’s Urgent Plea: Prepare Now for Impending Summer Emergencies!

Prepare for emergency season

Will Swift Emergency Assistance be Available in Critical Situations?

Wyndham City is urging residents to ensure they have emergency management plans in place as we approach the summer months.

Wyndham City aims to gain a deeper understanding of residents’ perspectives on emergency preparedness and is actively engaging in line with the objectives outlined in the Resilient Wyndham Strategy.

A collaborative effort between Melton City Council, Emergency Ready Communities, and Wyndham City has resulted in the creation of an emergency preparedness brochure titled ‘Are you ready?’ This brochure assists residents in effectively preparing for and responding to emergencies such as fires, storms, floods, heatwaves, and other unforeseen situations.

Cr Susan McIntyre, the Mayor of Wyndham, emphasizes the importance of preparedness for unexpected events, emphasizing that each individual can contribute to enhancing our resilience.

“With a rapidly growing population that extends into extensive grassland areas, we encourage our residents to maintain their properties in a safe, clean, and presentable condition to reduce the risk of grassfires and bushfires,” Mayor McIntyre says. She adds, “Other risks include structural fires, industrial accidents, transport accidents, and, in certain areas, floods.”

Grass fire in Truganina

Mayor McIntyre underscores the responsibility of both residents and visitors to take charge of their safety by heeding alerts and taking necessary precautions. She points out that in emergency situations, assistance may not be able to reach them quickly.

“The ‘Are you ready?’ brochure offers guidance on how to prepare for an emergency, what actions to take during an emergency, and information and support available after an emergency,” Mayor McIntyre explains. “The brochure also provides residents with an action checklist and a plan to help them think through and prepare for emergency situations.”

“With a hot summer approaching, we are actively seeking feedback on how best to promote emergency preparedness to ensure we meet our community’s needs,” says Mayor McIntyre.

Mayor McIntyre also highlights the legislated role of Victorian local governments in emergency management and the close collaboration between Wyndham City, emergency services, and community organizations to better assist the community during emergency response phases.

Residents are encouraged to participate in one of the drop-in sessions to learn more:
– Children’s Week Picnic on October 22nd, from 9 am to 3.30 pm at Werribee Park, K Road, Werribee.
– Little River Community Day on October 28th, from 10 am to 12 pm at the Little River Mechanics Institute, 8 Rothwell Road, Little River.

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