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Wyndham Council Divided into 11 Single Member Wards: Electoral Restructuring Unveiled

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In a pivotal development, the Wyndham council is set to undergo a significant restructuring with the implementation of 11 single-member wards, as outlined in the final report of the local council electoral structure review unveiled on Thursday. This decision stems from recommendations put forth by the electoral representation advisory panel, which carefully deliberated over two proposed structural models initially presented in the preliminary report back in November.

Both models showcased a subdivided electoral framework featuring 11 councillors, each representing a distinct ward, albeit with differing delineations. Following thorough consideration, inclusive of public submissions, the panel opted for model two. Notably, this model largely preserves existing ward boundaries while ensuring a commensurate level of representation for respective geographic zones.

Under this revised structure, Wyndham’s three current wards will be subdivided in alignment with their current representative counts. Iramoo ward, situated in the western region of Wyndham, will be split into three segments. Conversely, the smaller yet densely populated Chaffey and Harrison wards will each be divided into four.

Of significance, while Iramoo ward will retain its name, its jurisdiction will now span between the Geelong railway line to the south and Argoona Road to the north. Moreover, Werribee Park is slated to emerge as the new ward encompassing Wyndham’s south-western expanse, excluding Point Cook. Meanwhile, the north-western portion of Iramoo ward is earmarked for renaming as Quandong.

Chaffey ward will undergo division into Brimbeal and Wimba wards to the north, and Grange and Heathdale wards to the south. Notably, the northern precinct of Harrison ward, encompassing Truganina and Laverton North, will be rechristened as Bemin. Similarly, Williams Landing ward will encapsulate the eponymous suburb, alongside Featherbrook and Cheetham, thus integrating Point Cook.

The nomenclature for each ward was meticulously chosen by the panel, drawing upon existing schools, localities, and geographical features within their respective boundaries. Williams Landing is anticipated to emerge as the most populous ward, boasting over 19,000 residents, while Bemin will harbor the fewest inhabitants, tallying just over 16,000.

In terms of landmass, Werribee Park will reign as the largest ward, spanning over 150 sq km, whereas Featherbrook, situated in the northern precinct of Point Cook, will be the most diminutive at a mere 8.8 sq km.

These transformative changes are slated to be implemented in time for this year’s council elections, heralding a new era of electoral representation within Wyndham.

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