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Welcome to the premier destination for Wyndham Council Election advertising! As the leading news and media platform in the region, we are thrilled to support your campaign by connecting you with our engaged and informed community. Here, you’ll find comprehensive resources for candidates, including vital information on eligibility, nominations, and mandatory training. With our extensive reach across multiple channels, you can ensure your message resonates with the voters who matter most. You’ve come to the right place to amplify your campaign and make a lasting impact in Wyndham. Fill out your details below, and let our dedicated sales team help you achieve your campaign goals.

The next local council elections will be held in October 2024 for every local council.

Information for Candidates
The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) provides comprehensive guidance materials for candidates in the Local Government elections. This includes advice on eligibility, the nomination process, and campaigning. More information is available [here].

Candidate Training
All candidates must complete Local Government Candidate Training before they can nominate. This training must be completed before formal nomination. You can learn more and take the course [here].

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