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Wyndham Crime Rates Skyrocket: Werribee Leads with Disturbing Increase in Offences

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Latest Crime Statistics Reveal Alarming Surge in Criminal Activities, Highlighting Urgent Concerns for Residents

Crime rates in Wyndham have surged, with a 12.5 per cent increase in recorded offences up to June 2023, according to the latest crime statistics released on September 28. During this period, Wyndham witnessed a total of 18,340 violations, a significant rise from 16,297 in the same period in 2022.

Among the suburbs, Werribee topped the list with 5,178 offences, followed by Hoppers Crossing with 2,999, Point Cook with 2,578, Tarneit with 2,477, and Truganina with 1,496. All these figures marked an increase from the previous year. Notably, Werribee was ranked seventh on the list of places where Victoria’s emergency workers faced the highest risk of public attacks, with 38 instances, as per data released by the Crime Statistics Agency.

The most common offence was stealing from vehicles, with 2,143 cases reported, followed by other thefts, breach of family violence orders, criminal damage, and theft from retail stores. Offences primarily occurred in houses, streets, driveways, shopping complexes, and other retail outlets.

Comparing the current situation to 2019, which was unaffected by COVID and deemed a more relevant comparison by the police, the increase in recorded offences was stark. In June 2019, offences grew by 6.1 per cent, less than half the current rate, and the total offences stood at 11,722, almost 7,000 below the June 2023 figures.

While Wyndham’s increase rate was significantly higher than the statewide average of 7.9 per cent, it also outpaced neighbouring municipalities such as Brimbank, Melton, Hobson’s Bay, and Maribyrnong. However, when adjusted for population, Wyndham’s offending rate per 100,000 people was lower than all of these areas, standing at 5,719.6.

Additionally, Wyndham experienced an 11.6 per cent spike in Family Violence Incidents, recording 4,496 cases up to June 2023, compared to 4,030 in June 2022 and 3,246 in June 2019. Alarmingly, women aged 24 to 35 were the most common victims of family violence in Wyndham, with both the rate of increase and figures adjusted for population growth surpassing those of neighbouring municipalities and the overall state of Victoria.

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