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Wyndham Mayor Rants in Online Slinging Match.

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An online storm has erupted this week on local social media pages with Mayor Josh Gilligan involving himself in a slinging match with prominent local figure Lisa Heinrichs.

Lisa Heinrichs presented at the No Toxic Soil rally alongside the Mayor in 2019.

Lisa has lived in Wyndham for 40 years and is known for her contribution to the local community through advocacy and volunteering, recently involving herself as a figurehead of the No Toxic Soil activist group. She is also very vocal online in a group that is known to criticize candidates running for election. 

The Mayor’s online rant was posted in addition to Harrison Ward candidate Sachin Khera’s post on his campaign page complaining that he and other hardworking candidates have been harrassed by Lisa Heinrichs on social media.

Harrison Candidate and real estate company CEO Sachin Khera.

Candidate Sachin Khera also cited an article from the Herald Sun from June 2019 where Gregory Porter Leaman (Lisa Heinrichs’ partner) was jailed for Centrelink fraud.

Mr. Khera also stated in his Facebook post, “If I get elected I will take pledge I will stand against Centrelink rort and fraudsters. I will not a (sic) Lecture from anyone who support Centrelink Frauds.”

Mayor Josh Gilligan accuses the community advocate of having an “unhealthy obsession”.

The Mayor also involved himself in the slinging match and posted, “I must say I have been subject to harassment and relentless personal attacks by this woman. I accept criticism comes with public office. But this lady has an unhealthy obsession that should be called out. If she had an ounce of credibility she would apologise but instead she is out running shit sheets for her political allies. I’ve never seen such a dirty election in my life and I’m glad this article shines a light for all to see what we are dealing with.” and finished with the hashtag #CallItOut


VIDEO: Mayor Josh Gilligan has had a formal complaint lodged previously

On another post to candidate Preet Singh the Mayor said, “This smear campaign has been shared by a person who knowingly went to court and provided a character reference for her boyfriend to assist his lawyer to plead he avoid jail time. The fraud cost taxpayers more than $73,000. The gall that this person then has to lecture others as if she is some sort of community saint.” 

Lisa responded online with “Keep going Josh just shows your true personality. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Do you think you can bully everyone not just Cr’s”.