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Wyndham Police Service Area Receiving 19 More Police.

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New Werribee Police Station under construction


Melbourne’s north west and southern suburbs will soon see another injection of police in the community, with the latest deployment numbers announced today.

Westgate Division, which includes Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong and Wyndham Police Service Areas, will receive the lion’s share for the regions, with 44 more police set to be stationed in the area.

Victoria Police’s specialist commands, such as Transit and Public Safety and Intelligence and Covert Support Command, will receive 167 police.

The new Werribee Police Station

The Professional Standards Command will dedicate 11 new staff to investigating police who are victims or perpetrators of family violence, while six police will be tasked to tackling cybercrime in Victoria Police’s Crime Command.

In total, 396 police will be deployed across the state over the next 12 months, with the officers already in training at the Academy and headed for stations from October.

This is the final deployment of 2,729 new officers since 2018 as funded through the State Government’s Community Safety Statement.

In 2018, 825 officers were assigned across the state while 2019 saw the allocation of an additional 720 officers. Last year, 788 police were deployed.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said:

“Today is a milestone for the biggest recruitment drive in Victoria Police’s history, with the last of the 2,729 additional officers now in training at the Academy in preparation for being deployed to many areas across the state in the coming 12 months.

“In particular, this allocation will see 15 more police going to our Professional Standards Command. Of those, 11 officers will be responsible for developing a specialised unit dedicated to investigating family violence committed by Victoria Police employees. Some of these resources will also be there to support our complainants and victims.

“Our Crime Command will dedicate six new police to a new division set up to tackle cybercrime, as technology-enabled crime has rapidly become one of the greatest threats to community safety.

“In total, with 396 more officers set to be deployed soon across 20 Police Service Areas, 21 specialist divisional units, and 14 specialist commands, we’ll have a greater community presence.

“Since 2018, our additional police have been deployed to the areas of greatest need using the Staff Allocation Model, allowing us to put more police out on patrol, responding where and when needed in the community, and in dedicated areas such as family violence, transit safety, highway patrol, and sexual offences and child abuse teams.”

Out of the 396 Officers to be deployed, 44 will be allocated to the Westgate Division and the breakdown is as follows:

ND2: Westgate Division (44)

PSA allocations (41):

• Hobsons Bay Police service Area (11)

• Maribyrnong Police Service Area (11)

• Wyndham Police Service Area (19)

Shared divisional resources (3):

• Divisional Highway Patrol (3)