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Wyndham Residents Rally for Stricter Youth Crime Laws After Teen’s Brutal Stabbing

youth crime rally

Community Unites to Demand Accountability and Safety Measures Following Recent Assault

After a teenager was reportedly brutally stabbed in a random assault, concerned residents from Wyndham have united to advocate for stricter youth crime regulations. Approximately 400 individuals gathered at Tarneit’s Baden Powell Drive skatepark today 12th of August to show their support.

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The incident occurred on the 27th of July this year during Rhyan Singh’s 16th birthday celebration, where he and two friends were allegedly attacked. Rhyan, who was knocked unconscious and robbed, shared that upon regaining consciousness, he witnessed a scene of bloodshed. He recounted that his ring and little finger were nearly severed after enduring a harrowing ten-minute ordeal involving an alleged assault by a group of eight assailants.

Following the attack, Rhyan underwent eight hours of intricate surgery along with several consultations with hand specialists. Law enforcement subsequently apprehended two 16-year-olds and a 20-year-old man, all of whom have faced charges related to the incident.

The demonstrators at the gathering displayed signs bearing slogans such as “Save Our Kids” and “Justice for Ryan.” Their intention is to escalate their protest for stricter youth crime legislation by convening at Parliament House on August 19th at 1.00 pm.

Rhyan emphasized that these rallies are geared towards advocating for the safety of children. He stressed the significance of the cause, citing his own experience and expressing his desire to prevent others from enduring similar ordeals. He noted, “It’s an important cause, and I’m determined to prevent anyone from undergoing what I went through. My life was nearly lost.”

Addressing the assembled crowd, Rhyan’s mother, Sushma Manandhar, shared her doubts about her decision to migrate to Australia in the aftermath of the incident. She voiced concerns about the sense of insecurity that has taken hold even in their own surroundings, questioning the safety of future generations.

The group’s strategy includes presenting a petition to the parliament, which has garnered over 1400 signatures so far. The petition calls for more stringent laws that would hold young offenders accountable for their actions and provide more robust rehabilitation programs targeting the underlying causes of youth crime.

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