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Wyndham Stadium Precinct: Wyndham City Invites Community to Name Key Sites

Wyndham Stadium Precinct

Engage in Naming the Regional Football Facility and Pavilion in Tarneit's Premier Sports Hub

Wyndham City is thrilled to extend an invitation to the local community to play a pivotal role in naming two significant sites within the sprawling Wyndham Stadium Precinct, situated in Tarneit.

Spanning an impressive 63 hectares, the Wyndham Stadium Precinct encompasses a cutting-edge Regional Football Facility (currently bearing an interim name). This facility is poised to showcase state-of-the-art training amenities, including three pristine pitches, a two-story Pavilion, and the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 spectators.

The construction of this remarkable facility is already in full swing, with the vision of it becoming the official training hub for the Western United Football Club upon completion.

Wyndham City cordially invites the community to actively participate in christening both the Regional Football Facility and the Pavilion within this expansive locale.

The naming process for the Regional Football Facility and Pavilion will adhere to the principles outlined in the Wyndham City Geographic Naming Policy, offering several naming themes:

1. Connecting the name to a place, emphasizing the preservation of cultural and environmental heritage.
2. Utilizing commemorative names to honor significant events, individuals, or places. (Note: Names of living individuals should be avoided due to potential changes in community attitudes.)
3. Embracing gender equality, ensuring inclusivity for all genders and backgrounds.
4. Acknowledging and incorporating Traditional Owner languages, with the requirement of approval from the relevant traditional owner group.

Community members are encouraged to select the theme most fitting for naming the Regional Football Facility and the Pavilion. Moreover, they have the opportunity to propose names aligning with any of the provided themes.

Councillor Peter Maynard, Wyndham City’s Active City Portfolio holder, expressed his delight at the project’s progression to the naming stage. He eagerly anticipates the Western United Football Club establishing its training base within the Wyndham Stadium Precinct. The Regional Football Facility is poised to offer vital opportunities for the local community, including hosting major regional competitions for rectangular pitch sports, coaching clinics, professional development sessions, and more.

Wyndham City Mayor, Councillor Susan McIntyre, emphasized that the Regional Football Facility represents a significant investment in cutting-edge sporting infrastructure. She underscored the collaboration between the Council and the Western Melbourne Group in funding the delivery of the Regional Football Facility, which marks the initial phase of the broader Wyndham Stadium Precinct development.

Following community input, further consultations will be necessary to finalize the names for the Regional Football Facility and Pavilion.

In the event that the fourth theme, ‘Recognition and use of Traditional Owner languages,’ is chosen, additional consultations will involve seeking input from the relevant traditional owner group to determine the most suitable names for the Regional Football Facility and Pavilion sites.

To engage in discussions about the project, residents can attend drop-in sessions scheduled at various locations:

– Penrose Community Centre on September 13th, from 11-11.30am and 2-2.30pm
– AquaPulse on September 14th, from 5-7pm
– Dianella Community Centre on September 15th, from 11am-3pm
– Eagle Stadium on September 16th, from 11.30am-2pm

For additional information and the opportunity to provide feedback until October 9th, please visit: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au

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