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Wyndham Vale Woman Celebrates $550,000 Mortgage Busting Keno Windfall.

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A Wyndham Vale woman, who had been up late last night trying to get her new puppy to sleep, has been rewarded with a Keno win of more than $550,000.

The Wyndham resident held a Keno Mega Millions 9 Spot winning entry in draw 500, drawn Sunday 15 January 2023, and scored $552,996.90.
“It was a nice win!” she laughed when confirming her prize with an official from Keno this morning.
“I knew straight away. We’ve just bought a new pup, and I was sitting there putting her to sleep, and I watched it happen.
“The words ‘Jackpot Winner’ came up on the screen. It was lovely!
“I had to be careful and not wake the puppy up, so I was quiet. I think I was in shock.
“I’ve had smaller wins before but nothing like this.
“I didn’t get much sleep after that – especially with the new pup.
“It definitely buys me a house. I’m renting at the moment, so this definitely buys me my own home. It’s not just a deposit, but a good chunk of a house!”

Her Keno Mega Millions winning entry was purchased on the Keno – Let’s Play app.
In FY22, Keno players across the eastern states of mainland Australia celebrated more than 62.2 million wins collectively worth more than $896.7 million.
During this time, Keno crowned 19 millionaires and multi-millionaires who collectively took home more than $30.7 million.  Victoria’s biggest Keno win was by an East Melbourne man who won more than $2 million.
Victorians enjoyed more than 1.1 million Keno wins totalling more than $19.4 million at pubs and clubs across the state in the 12 months to 30 June 2022.

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