Wyndham, Your $13M Park is Almost Ready!

One of the main boards promoting the park

The Wyndham Park redevelopment is advertised to be completed this month, with the central lawn being heralded as a key feature.

Wyndham Park Redevelopment

The kids are destined to be happy with the 11-metre tower and slide and many other child-friendly structures to keep them entertained while you organise the barbecue!

Wyndham Park Redevelopment

The walking tracks and boardwalks have all been upgraded as part of the Wyndham Park redevelopment, and being on the banks of the Werribee River, it makes for the perfect place to take in the natural beauty of the area, including the vibrant birdlife.

Wyndham Park Redevelopment

Free WiFi is also available throughout the park if you would like to do some work in comfortable surroundings, or maybe even try to catch a few rare Pokémon (is that still a thing?).

Wynhdam Park Redevelopment

Wyndham City Council says there are some exciting cultural and musical events planned for the year ahead and the park is due to reopen to the public on the 14th of February, 2020.