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Wyndham’s 2021 Art Prize People’s Choice Award Winner Announced.

wyndham art prize peoples choice

Arts Assist has generously supported the People’s Choice Award as part of the 2021 Wyndham Art Prize. 

Ms Hara’s winning entry titled ‘Set Out to Package the World’ is an oil on canvas and was overwhelmingly chosen as the favourite art work.

Aisha is thrilled her work was selected as the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

Set Out to Package the World’ is a commentary on the immediacy of smartphone photography that allows you to capture the moment but shows the dilemma or the inability to be in the present moment.

The colourful work features a girl standing in a moment of time in a scene of natural beauty, yet she holds out her phone to attempt to capture the moment. The robotic nature of packaging up beauty in photography is contrasted by whimsical brushstrokes and dream like colours in the oil painting.


Aisha is currently studying Fine Arts at RMIT and her work spans multiple forms from painting, light installation and collage and seeks to create a poetic voice within each of her works through exploring the narrative of thoughts through figurative and abstract forms alluding to identity and place.

Wyndham City’s Creative Cities portfolio holder, Cr Marcel Mahfoud, congratulated Ms Hara on her achievement.

“Aisha’s artwork is colourful, thought provoking and makes you think about the way we now interact with our surroundings and communicate with others. She should be extremely proud of winning this award.”


“Wyndham City is committed to providing opportunities for our community to get involved in the Arts. The People’s Choice is fantastic because our community gets to select their favourite artwork and is completely objective”.

Chair of Arts Assist, Jan Goates, said: “Arts Assist has a long history of supporting the arts in Wyndham and is very proud to have again sponsored the People’s Choice Award in 2021. Our congratulations to Aisha Hara for winning the Award, whose artwork overwhelming resonated with so many of those who cast a vote.”

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive $2,500 which they can spend as they chose.

More information:   www.wyndham.vic.gov.au.arts


         Instagram: @_aisha.art