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Wyndham’s Affordable Housing Strategy – Have Your Say.

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Wyndham City is seeking community views on a proposed new Affordable Housing Strategy for 2022-2025. A new strategy has been developed based on feedback from the community integrated with research and analysis by Council Officers.

Community members are now invited to express their views on the new draft strategy by heading to Wyndham City’s community engagement platform, The Loop, before Thursday 21 April.

Housing is considered affordable when it meets the needs of very low, low and moderate-income households. Safe, adequate, affordable and appropriate housing is essential for health, well-being and social and economic security.

The new draft strategy establishes a vision and sets goals for Council to pursue opportunities to meet Wyndham’s projected housing needs, including wrap-around support services and innovative, affordable housing solutions. This approach will require productive partnerships with all levels of government, private sector developers, community housing organisations and others.


Wyndham City believes that low income and wealth should not be barriers to anyone living or wanting to live in Wyndham. Lower-income households and people facing crisis in Wyndham are particularly vulnerable to experiencing housing stress and at risk of homelessness due to a compromised ability to access the broader housing market.  

Welcoming City portfolio holder Councillor Jennie Barrera said: “Wyndham City strives to ensure our community has access to affordable, quality housing to meet their needs.”

“Every person living in Wyndham deserves the enhanced stability and wellbeing that comes from knowing you have secure housing. Everyone deserves a home.”

Wyndham City Mayor Peter Maynard said: “Planning for a safe, connected and inclusive future for our community is at the core of everything we do at Wyndham City Council.”

“This new draft Affordable Housing Strategy has been developed by listening to our community, key stakeholders and by looking at the data to understand our social and affordable housing needs.”

“I encourage all community members to jump online to view the draft strategy and have their say.”

Tell us what you think about the draft Affordable Housing Strategy 2022-25 by heading to The Loop by 21 April, 2022: theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/housing