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Wyndham City Joins Forces with Digital Futures Network to Foster Digital Inclusion

In a strategic move aimed at propelling its community into the digital age, Wyndham City proudly announces its role as a founding partner of the Digital Futures Network. Spearheaded by Deakin University’s esteemed Digital Futures Program, this collaborative initiative is set to bridge the digital divide across Victoria by fostering unity between local and state governments, the public sector, industry, and academia.

With an overarching objective to leverage existing infrastructure and services, the Digital Futures Network intends to empower communities with enhanced digital connectivity and skillsets throughout Victoria. At the forefront of this endeavor is Wyndham City, recognized as Australia’s fastest-growing local government area.

The partnership provides Wyndham’s community members and businesses with an avenue to access educational programs and learning tools via the local libraries and SPARK Innovation Hub. These resources are poised to facilitate a more profound understanding of the evolving digital landscape, enabling smoother navigation, communication, and operation within this dynamic realm.

Speaking on the significance of this collaboration, Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, affirms that the partnership bolsters the community’s readiness to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing digital sphere. The Smart City portfolio holder, Cr Sahana Ramesh, echoes this sentiment, highlighting how the venture aligns seamlessly with Wyndham’s ongoing strategies centered on Economic Development, Learning, Smart Cities, and Resilience.

Cr Ramesh further emphasizes that the Digital Futures Network mirrors the digital ambitions of both the Federal and State Governments. This initiative stands as a crucial stepping stone towards cultivating an Australian digital economy and society, paving the way for progress and innovation.

The Digital Futures Network is poised to democratize access to digital literacy, financial literacy, and business literacy programs. Moreover, it aims to foster social inclusion by providing technology support and free access to digital resources for underprivileged communities. Boasting an extensive network comprising over 60 locations, including local libraries, community centers, and business hubs, the initiative has the potential to serve over four million Victorians.

This ambitious project has garnered resounding support from key players in the realm of government, education, and development. It boasts endorsements from the Victorian State Government and Regional Development Victoria (Loddon Campaspe, Barwon, and Great South Coast), alongside the collaborative efforts of entities like City of Melbourne, Geelong Regional Library Corporation, Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries, Deakin Library, South West TAFE, and Megantic.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Wyndham City’s partnership with the Digital Futures Network is poised to facilitate a more digitally inclusive and empowered future for all. For those seeking additional information about this transformative initiative, visit https://www.deakin.edu.au/research/research-partnerships/the-digital-futures-hub

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