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Wyndham’s FY23 lottery hotspot revealed ahead of Thursday’s $60 million Powerball draw

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Unearthing the Hidden Gems: Wyndham's Top Division One Lottery Hotspots of FY23!

The Aussie suburbs, towns, and regions where the most division one lottery wins landed in FY23 have been unveiled. Manor Lakes, postcode 3024, in Wyndham , has been revealed as one of the hotspots for division one lottery wins in Australia during the financial year 2022-2023. The data, analyzed by The Lott and Lotterywest, showcases the regions where the highest number of division one wins occurred ahead of the upcoming $60 million Powerball draw on Thursday, 27th July 2023.

This Powerball draw is offering the second-largest jackpot of the year, with a whopping $60 million up for grabs. Throughout the 12 months leading up to 30th June 2023, the entire country experienced a total of 503 division one winning entries from various lottery games, resulting in over $1.59 billion in prize money.

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Victoria secured its position as the state with the most division one wins, boasting 137 winning entries and distributing more than $409 million in prize money. However, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) topped the charts in terms of division one prize money, with 130 wins worth over $563 million, partly attributed to a lucky individual who scored a $100 million Powerball prize in June 2023, becoming the second-largest individual lottery winner in the country’s history.

States and territories ranked by most division one winning entries across all lottery games between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023

StateDivision one winsTotal division one prize money
New South Wales & ACT130$563,307,720.88
Western Australia80236,700,000.00
South Australia31$105,773,254.99
Northern Territory4$8,184,901.40

The data also highlights the number of millionaires created through division one wins, reaching a total of 303 millionaires throughout Australia, equivalent to nearly one millionaire per day. New South Wales and the ACT saw the most newly-minted millionaires, with 88 created from lottery wins during the financial year.


Looking at the specific suburbs within each state and territory, several postcodes stood out for selling multiple division one winning entries. In Victoria, postcode 3024 for Manor Lakes was one of the six postcodes, each selling three division one winning entries. Similarly, New South Wales and the ACT had postcode 2141 for Berala/Lidcombe and 2530 for Dapto, each selling three division one winning entries. In Queensland, postcodes 4211 for Nerang/Pacific Pines and 4506 for Morayfield each sold four division one winning entries. Other states and territories also had their share of lucky postcodes.

The Lott spokesperson, Matt Hart, expressed curiosity about whether the previous financial year’s lottery hotspots would continue their streak in FY24. He emphasized the diversity of winners across the country and the element of chance associated with winning the lottery.

As the excitement builds for the $60 million Powerball draw on Thursday, 27th July 2023, Mr. Hart mentioned that up to one in six Australian adults is expected to participate, and he anticipates adding to the tally of Powerball division one winners for the year, which already amounts to more than $254 million. Entries can be purchased at licensed lottery outlets, online from thelott.com, or through The Lott mobile app.

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