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Wyndham’s ‘Name Game’: Community Invited to Weigh in on Draft Geographic Naming Policy

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The City of Wyndham is taking steps to ensure that the names of places and spaces that the community enjoys are adequately reflective of the diverse interests of its population.

The Draft Geographic Naming Policy, which has been updated in line with amended State Government rules, is designed to provide the city with a consistent approach to geographic naming requests.

The four themes of the Draft Geographic Naming Policy are: linking the name to a place; using commemorative names; gender equality; and recognition and use of Traditional Owner languages.

Wyndham Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, has stressed the importance of involving the community in the naming process, as it will allow for naming outcomes to be driven by the community. I invite everyone to share their feedback as part of this consultation, she said.

The Draft Geographic Naming Policy has been met with positive reactions from the Wyndham community, with many residents excited to have a say in the process. However, some have been confused by some of the names for community centres, which is why it is important that the consultation process is open for everyone to provide feedback.

Visit https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/ and have your say before 20 April.

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